CV joint? give me a better option!

Aug 11, 2003
Ok here's the skinny. My front driveline is fine under normal circumstaces, but with the SOA installed 6 months ago, I'm getting some serious flex out of the front. Which isen't bad, but now my universal at my 3 speed transfer case is making some obvious knocking noise in super flex mode. Here's my question: What CV should I go with to remedy the situation, taking into account the flange size and hole dimensions. I've heard of people using p/u CV's but I don't think they mate to a 3 speed case, and I'm not sure 325 horsies (V8) would like that little CV joint. Give me some info.
PS: I don't want to drop my transfer case down, its sitting pretty up in the frame rails.

Thanks, Superdave


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
hhhmm...I run a minitruck CV joint on the rear complaints. 350 TBI w/granny and 38.5 tires. Interestingly, Jesse at High Angle Driveline consistently uses minitruck components on his 1-ton drvelines, since not are the joints equally strong to Spicers, but they also have a higher operating angle.

Did you cut-turn the front axle? Is the pinion pointing AT the t-case front output? You might need nothing more than a little clearancing of the yoke with a grinder. I run 1310 joints on my front Tom Woods 11" stroke shaft with no CV and have no contact issues.

My next front shaft will have minitruck joints combined with the longer slip.

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