Cutting welded on sliders off

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Apr 27, 2003
Salt Lake City
Place that built my truck for the PO decided to weld on the sliders rather than u-bolt them on. I'm in the process of making better sliders using George Scolaro's design and need to remove these.

Any suggestions on method? I don't want to risk damage to the frame. The one in the pic is one of the better ones, a couple of the mounts they cut off the plate that would accept the u-bolts and just welded the tube straight to the frame.

I'd like to try to keep them somewhat intact, as I could weld plates on the mounts missing them and someone could use them as bolt-ons.

Thanks for ideas.
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I would suggest a grinder with a cut off wheel attached.
ignore the smart ass, then go in iwth a 4.5" grinder and do not try to cut at a 45 degree angle to the frame rail, try and get a close to parrellel to the frame rial and cut the booger wleds off, then come in with a big hapmmer and they will likely snap off. If that doesnt work just come in on slightly smaller angles and more hitting till it comes free. it will leave soem s*** on hte rail but you can grind it smooth with a sanding disk.

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