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Apr 26, 2007
hi guys i know this has been done but not like this so here the prob

I have a FJ40 it has a SOA already but it is all over the road looking at the steering arms there pointing down i know there ment to be up so pulled it a part and got 5* to the left of the 0 on the right side and 5* to the right of the 0 on the left

now heres the big one the car is on a down hill but if i put the angel finder under the chassis in the middle on the lleft side i get 2-3* and on the right i get 1*







Ok, I'm soooo not an expert here but I'm curious as hell.

Have you tried putting a jack under either a corner of the frame and see how much variation in side to side angle you are getting with a change in pressure?

Also have you checked level across the frame from left to right? Axle level?

Are the axles in the same spot on the springs (leaf bolts still intact)

My opinion is that the level finder on running boards (or any body part) is of no benefit relative to the suspension.

I have a similar level finder and I wouldn't depend on it being more accurate than +/- 1 deg. You may want to take that into consideration.

Ok last thought. Cross sight the knuckles. Put a pipe in each knuckle that sticks up a foot or so beyond the knuckle, look across and see if they line up or if they are off in the same direction as the angle finder.

Just thoughts. Actually, thoughts on less than one cup of coffee so be careful with this info :)
dont worry about what your frame is doing or any other angle for that matter.. typically what i do is try to have the cruiser on level ground (my garage floor is close enough..) and measure the distance from the bottom of the axle tube to the floor.. now jack the truck up, remover the tires and place small jack stands under the axles and set back down on the stands.. have the stands adjusted to whatever that distance is that you measure earlier with the tires on and start all of your caster checks from there..

obviously, the last person to do the cut and turn wasnt paying attention when they turned each knuckle or didnt double check before welding the knuckles back up.. as well, you have too much negative caster.. typically i like to set my axles at about 2-5 degrees of positive caster depending on tire size and have never had a problem with wondering or bad road maners..

too much negative caster produces results like you are describing like wandering all over the road, quick feeling steering, no return to center action with your steering wheel when coming out of corners and no road feel through the steering wheel..
too much positive caster results in a really heavy feeling steering wheel when turning and potentially is hard on knuckle bearings..

i would try to re-cut and turn that axle if possible to get some better results... a 4 inch pipe cutter will do the job..
Looks like someone did a s***ty job the first go around
So what was your ending numbers? Just out of curiosity?
ok guys up date

she all back together and boy shes a purla real good on the road now just need to get a wheel aliment to stop it pulling to the left

The only setting that's adjustable is toe-in, and you can set that in the driveway. Do a search and save yourself some $$s.

Pulling to one side is not the typical effect of incorrect toe-in. Check your tire pressure as well.

I like your shop. It's just like mine. :flipoff2:

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