Cut and polished my 87 60.

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Aug 18, 2014
I bought this 87 a couple of months ago . I just got a new clutch and fuel tank put in her . The PO had spent a ton of money having a shop rebuild the engine and tons of other maintenance performed . She ever got around to doing anything cosmetic to her before she ran out of money . So I’m picking up where she left off .
So after some conversation with John at Caveman exchange here in El Paso . I decided to see how much paint was still there . I bought a harbor freight orbiter polisher and their polishing kit . I also used 1000, 1500and 2000 grit wet sand paper , two step cutting compound , clay bar and wax . It took me about 14-16 hours of sweating .. but well worth the effort . The paint is all original , and was left neglected for a loooong time . The truck was used by a construction person for awhile and had lots of white paint splatters , especially at the rear of the truck . E interior need to be gutted and redone . There is paint and sheet rock mud all over the cargo area . The carpet is pretty rough also . She drives like a dream though .

Here are some before and after pics .





wow. that's unreal! its amazing what a little elbow grease can accomplish sometimes!
Keeping the paint waxed makes all the difference. My hood I'd usually wax once or twice a year because it was easy and I could always see it. 30 years later it still looked like new.
My roof on the other hand had a full length roof rack over it for most of its life and I couldn't wax it. 30 years later the paint was pretty thrashed with lots of little rust spots starting to grow. The roof needed to be repainted after 30 years, the hood was fine.
Nice work, now it is protected from that El Paso sun. Looks like the pups approve also!
Wow, that is amazing!
The truck is now garage worthy…

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