Customefis Anybody Got One Ordered Or Use One?

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Apr 5, 2007
I Have Been Waiting..................well Lets Just Call Me Extemely Patient And A Little Stupid. I Am Not Talking Bad About Customefis Yet, I Was Just Curious If Anybody Else Has One, What They Think And How Long They Waited. Ive Heard Its A Great Product And Hope Its Worth This Wait
OK I'll bite. What is it?

Complete TBI setup for 2F. John has been working on them for a while. He has done several Land Cruisers. I didn't order one from him but he was one of my major resources when I was building mine. He makes custom throttle bodies too. I was going to see if he could make one that was an exact replacement for the carb (size and linkage) so no other mods were needed beside the distributor and wiring.

84Cruisers, how long have you been waiting? Paid for it yet?
All I know is affordable fuel injection (no link sorry, google it) makes a kit for around 1200 bones. He sent me an email saying bolt on and less than 5 wire splices (not bad for an efi swap if you have ever wired a 22re into a carb mini lol). He has kits pretty much stocked and ready to go. He told me in an email no more than 2 weeks wait. I love this idea, the 2F has treated me well, despite overheating, induction problems etc. even when the thing is broken it always gets me home. After that said, I have seen complete 89-94 or whatever trucks for sale that have TBI engines for $2000 not wrecked that between obtaining the motor/harness/ecu/driveline and parting out the rest could easily pay for the swap, adapters, and the headache of waiting for a fuel injection kit for a motor that puts out much less than 200 hp (350 TBI could put out about 250hp or more stock just completely guessing here) even with fuel injection and a very hot rebuild. Good for the trail, but I have a feeling I'd be begging for my 1200 bucks and aisin carb back everytime the highway got steeper...... where as a 350 TBI will give you what you really need, highway pulling power (yes we could all live with a 2F, but that punk smoking you in a 2.8l s10 is an ego killer) and EFI for the offcamber stuff, not to mention, replacement/repair parts are SO much less for a 350. And yeah, american made, not such an issue for me, there are a lot of Americans that work for Toyota, they will get a piece of your dollar, but damn 3k to rebuild a 2F and dream of 200hp, or 3k and hop a 350 up to 350 hp, not to mention when you are wheeling in backwoods montana and break down, the guy wont have to order a little plastic doohickey that some overly intelligent guy thought of in 84 for 200 bucks from toyota and get going a week later. Enough rambling, I'm butthurt that my headgasket took a dump tonight lol. I'll probably rebuild the 2F and put a rebuilt carb on it. But I did get a 4Runner.....

I have also heard great things about customefis, but no experience. I'd like to see the setup once you get it, I'll help you put it on, or not. We'll see what goes into it, take careful note, return it, and build our own for half as much hahah, just my dilerious almost end of work shift thinking.
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Do a search on the forums. There's alot of customefis discussions over there as the customefis owner is a user of the forums.
Thanks For The Input Guys, I Like John At Customefis Personally But Sorta Feel Put Off. But Then Again Sometimes Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. Hopefully Ill Have It Soon And Can Share Some Info. Id Rather Not Disclose Waiting Time To Not Slander Customefis........yet. I Will Say He Has Held Half For Deposit For A Long Time. I Am Very Anxious To See Old "blue" Run Like A Top, And Get This Weber Off Of It. Which Will Also Be For Sale Cheep.
I'll be following this thread because I've been considering efis for my '71 Monte Carlo for a couple of years. My problem is that I couldn't find anyone else that had a personal experience with him, John, or his products.
I would need to spend about $1900 for the TPI conversion for a 350ci. So.....was want some feedback before moving forward with it.

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