For Sale Custom Storage Cabinet for 80 Series

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Mar 13, 2008
Stockton/Lodi CA
United States
New Price!!!!! This price does not include any audio gear.

$1000 locally. Will deliver as far as Sacramento.
$1300 shipped to your nearest Forward Air terminal.

Add $550 for Audio Gear

One off, custom made storage system for your 80 Series LandCruiser.

I made this cabinet about 2 years ago in a friends cabinet shop. I only used high quality components. American made birch plywood in both 3/4" and 5/8" was used throughout. Compression T handle latches from Allegis, Accuride 500# slides, Line-X, are just some of the fine touches. I designed it to accommodate a modest subwoofer box and amplifier in the rear section. There is a small pistol safe as well. Up front is a gauge for my on board air and a flush mounted 1000W Xantrex inverter.

I am surely missing some details in my description.... please ask questions.

$1600.00 is my asking price. At this price I am including the inverter and air gauge. I cant see selling the setup without it given that the cabinet was made specific to this inverter. I doubt another model inverter will fit the face frame.


The subs are JL Audio 8W3 with matching grills. The speakers still rock and sell for $150/ea plus grills at $20. The box was custom made specific to these subs and finished with Line-X. For the sub set up I want an additional $400.

The amplifier is a Zapco 200. An older but highly desirable model. Matches the subs perfectly. I'll let it go for $150 with the subs only.

Let me be clear.... I am not trying to sell the audio side of this cabinet. I plan to reuse it in a future cabinet build. But I also understand some potential buyers may be turned off by having to build their own solution for the sub and amp so I am offering it with the purchase of the cabinet only. I will not part these components out or sell them without the cabinet.

So if you want the complete package just like it is in my rig I'll let it go for $2100. I'll even help you install it in your rig if you bring your rig to me. I know we are talking about some serious money. But this is a serious cabinet. I promise you will not be disappointed.

A few pics to start...



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having seen the truck numerous times and having worked on it,........ laramy definetly puts a lot of effort into his rig and making sure things are done "right". sweet setup!

Sweet set up but almost as much as I paid for the 80
norcalsvx said:
Sweet set up but almost as much as I paid for the 80

I know, it's a lot of money. But for the right 80 owner they are just what the doctor ordered.
Make me an offer....
I have seen this in person as well. Really nice build quality. Top notch work. Someone will be happy with this for sure.
Some one out there needs this....

Make me an offer...
New price.

$1400 plus options...
I'm surprised I'm not seeing more interest.

Shoot me an offer. The worst I can say is no.
$1500 shipped to your nearest Forward Air terminal.

This price gets you the drawer system, inverter, safe, and air gauge. I will crate the whole thing and deliver to Sacramento airport to b sent anywhere in the 48 states by forward air.

Payment by PayPal please.
Make me an offer.... Want this unit sold
Bump. $1500 shipped to 48 states is a good deal.
Nice setup. What does something like this weigh? GLWS.
I'm nearly done with one for a customer. I'll weigh it upon completion.
New price!!! $1000

Box and inverter only. No stereo.

Pick up locally. Can deliver as far as Sacramento. Shipping is on your dime.
TTT. New pricing. Need the space in my shop for building cabinets for customers.
ChefFJ said:
TTT. New pricing. Need the space in my shop for building cabinets for customers.

How much for box with stereo I'm in phoenix
set up looks awesome. definitely something nice i would like to the future ;) how much do these things weigh?

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