custom fj40 bumpers for sale and other goods

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Jun 19, 2002
United States
i finally got a pics of everything
-front and rear bumper for a fj40 for sale
-4 leafs springs
-5 point harnes mid-roll cage bar....(will mount perfectly where
the origial seat belts bolt to the cage) powdercoated
black...very nice

front is 100 buks obo
back is 85 buks obo
4 leafs 50 buks obo
harness rollcage bar is 35 buks
50 bucks for both harnesses

every item has ...NO... bends or warps or cracks
powdercoated black....and in great condition

any me
or send me your email for the pics
You've got mail! :D
the springs are stock.... and if you could, forward your email addy. to my yahoo account ...i can forward the pics to you.

dont have pics of the harnesses ..cause theyre preeety much a typical 5 point harness that are used for drag racing and other such car races
there about 80 buck u.s. brand new
and i got 2 of them ( 1 black and 1 blue) no rips , stains or tears
in very good condition
50 buck for both of them ...obo
plus the 35 bucks for the rollcage 5 point harness support bar thats powdercoated black. very very easy to install

the harnesss have 2 shoulder straps, 2 waste straps and a strap that goes between your legs.
all items that are on this post have been sold.
thanks for the interest.


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