For Sale Cummins engine swap kit with A442 transmission (1 Viewer)


Sometimes you have to kick a little A$$
Dec 29, 2010
I'm selling my Cummins 12 valve diesel adapter kit as I'm going a different route with my 80 series build. The kit includes everything to install a Cummins 12v engine minus the accessory brackets and engine. Comes with the Cummins adapter plate, starter, standalone controller for the A442, A442 transmission with upgraded valve body kit (90K miles on it), intercooler, all needed wiring, plumbing, piping, ps hoses and fittings. This kit is no longer available so get one of the last and easy ways to install a Cummins in your 80 Series! I'm looking for $8000 installation is available. PM for more info.

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