cubby dimensions for Kenwood marine receiver

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Oct 4, 2004
Does anyone have the dimensions for the cubby hole above the ashtray in an FJ60? I have found this Kenwood marine receiver to listen to my iPod with. .

I like the compartment for the iPod built right into the unit. I think it will fit in that space. I am currently working on a ship and won't get back to my 60 until the middle of Oct so I can't measure it.

Also, has anyone used this receiver or anything like it?
Interesting design for the receiver but any particular reason you like that one other than the ipod cubby? For the price you can get many other receivers with more features. I was able to pick up my JVC KDX-50BT on closeout for $80 (the new KDX-250BT replaced it) and the newest version is only $119 with features like bluetooth streaming, handsfree, usb port, aux port, multi-color interface changing, etc.
The JVC is standard head unit dimensions (single din) and still has a few millimeteres on each side without the faceplate surround.
iPod control

I am looking for something that will control my iPod while having the iPod info displayed. I want to have the iPod hidden. I live in Montana and I usually don't lock my FJ60 except when my iPod is exposed. I was also thinking about the RetroSound Model 2, , or the SecretAudio SST, , but the reviews for either one have been mixed at best. I really don't want to rip the dash apart as I have done on a past FJ60 to get a DIN mount radio in.
Ok well most all modern head units will have iPod control. Like I said, mine has an external (rear and front) USB port that allows for hook up of the ipod and then direct control with display on the screen. It also has Pandora control when hooked via the USB cable. If you are not in a remote area of Montana I would suggest going to your local BB to get a better idea of what is out there. Crutchfield is also a great research tool.
It wont fit. The radio cubby in the dash wont be tall enough to fit it. However, as it has been said, most modern head units have ipod control, which will control all its playback and search features and display them on the screen. These head units have the ipod cable connected on the rear and the ipod is usually safely hidden in the glovebox.

The idea for the built in ipod compartment is pretty cool, but sadly it wont fit the "slightly taller than 1 din" cubby
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