Cruisin' the Carolina's (Logan' Run 2012)

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Oct 4, 2006
Buckley, WA
ONSC is proud to present the 2nd year of this great event.

When: September 14th-16th

Where: Uwharrie National Forrest

The event will follow the basic formula as last year also. People are free to arrive whenever they can. There will be rides on friday and camping friday night. Rides on Saturday with the big raffle/dinner on saturday night. There will be some riding on Sunday with others leaving early for the ride home.

Camp ground is reserved please stay tuned for more details:

In the coming week or so there will be info on :

Please join us for this great event

Here is the link to the past years event

As well as pics from our website

Welcome to ONSC!
If any of you full-bodied guys go, I want shotgun!
A few days away and this is what is happening as of right now.

63 confirmed people attending (but it grows every hour)

4wd Toyota Owner did say they would put an article in an issue for us.

Scott Clark Toyota is sending a professional photographer and a professional videographer to record the event for us so we can use it as promotional material for us and them.

Saturday night dinner will be BBQ. Two pigs will be cooked.

Raffle Saturday night with sponsors such as....

Bulldog lighting
Over $800 worth or LED light bars

Low Range Off Road
Spartan locker for 9.5 cruiser Diff

John Boy and Billy Show
$500 Longfield Gift Certificate

TrollHole Cruisers
1 2F dizzy and 1 2F carb

Mickey Thompson
$500 Gift Certificate

Scott Clark Toyota
Videographer/Photographer and lots of gifts/swag plus $100 towards the club

Canuck's Cruisers
Land Cruiser rear axle rebuild kit

Master Pull
2 $75 Gift Certificates

Things donated by members
Bushwacker Fender flares (Adam Leidy)
Metal Tech 40 series cage (dbenke)
Marine speakers (sarca)
New Guitar (John Vee)

Special Memorial for Logan Monk (Alkaline747trio) on Kodak Rock for those that want to attend.

If you haven't signed up yet registration is still open
Great job Al!
Sho wish I could make this... friends are so much more important than the stupid things preventing me from going...
Thanks to everyone that made it from in state and out of state from
Savanah Cruisers
Low Country Cruisers
Swamp Fox Cruisers
GA cruisers
Capital Cruisers
Upstate Cruisers

Thanks to all the sponsors and to
John Vee
David Benke for all the donated raffle prizes.

End total was 37 rigs and around 80 people.

Everyone had a great time wheeling, eating, drinking.
The pig was great and the raffle was even greater.

I'm sure the video the professional videographer made with all in outside truck cam, inside truck cams, helicopter cams, handicams will look great when it all comes together.

Sorry if I didn't get around to talking to everyone, between cooking/watching the pig, helping set up/take down the dinner and the raffle and watching my nephew I had for the weekend I didn't have much time for anything else.... only got to wheeling on sunday morning.

My one pic of my truck on the trails


Going to try and remember the raffle winners off the top of my head since I don't have the official list on hand.

Long Fields - David Benke
Metal Tech Cage - Adam
Mickey Thompson - Brian
Troll Hole Carb - Mike
Troll Hole Dizzy- Al
4" LED bars - Eric R
6" LED bars - Al
Master pull - Brian
Master pull - Eric R
Bushwacker flares- Johnny
Marine Speakers - Johnny
Guitar - Todd
Vinyl stickers - Quinten
Hardees certificate - Quinten
Swag Bag - Al
Swag Bag - Brian
Swag Bag- Eric J
Swag Bag - Parker
Spartan Locker - Brian
Rear End Re-build kit - Jason F

Please let me know if I forgot anyone or got one wrong.

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