Cruiserfest Specials for This Weekend

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Jan 29, 2003
MH, IDaho
United States
Boy I started organizing stuff I have a ton of stuff. I’m a little nervous about hauling it all down as I have it in my mind that I don’t want to come back with anything if at all possible. Anyway, this is what I have going down for Cruiserfest at the moment.

Big Stuff:

40 Crawler Fiberglass Tub/Hood/Cage $600

1FZE computer $100

93/94 Cone Style FZJ80 wheel $50

Blue 40 fenders trimmed and one is dented $50

Rhino’d 40 fenders with some bubbles underneath and aprons $65

FZJ80 gas tanks with pumps $100 each

80 series rear heater with fan $35

Box 1 60/62 stuff

Rearview mirror $7

Door handles $7

Cooling Fan Relay $2

Heater Control Bezel one crack $10

Side Vents $1 each

Turn Signal and Wiper Switch $20

62 Headlight bulbs 4 for $8

60 series steering wheel brown $20

62 series steering wheel brown light cracks $10

AC/Heater Control Switches/Levers 60 $20

60 rear wiper bag and pump $10

Heater/AC blower Fan $15

Window Regulators Rear $10 each Front PS $20

62 headlight doors spray painted black but no cracks $20/pair

Intake Cooling fans $10 each

62 4wd switch valves $30

60 front chrome center cap open ended $2

Gray door ashtray $2

3FE fan clutch $20

60/62 heater Control Valve $10

62 alternator $35

62 Intake Manifolds with Injectors $30

62 exhaust Manifolds $35 pair

Box 2 40 series stuff

Factory Turn Signals PS really good, DS has some stars in the plastic $30/pair

55 series headlight trim ring $10

Box 3 80 series stuff

Grab Handles $5 each

Interior trim seat bolt/spring covers $1 each

Antenna motors $5 (no masts)

Flares PS rear quarter panel grey 93/94 $20, DS rear door grey 93/94 $20, PS rear door grey 93/94 $20, PS Rear Door white 91/92 $10

Mudflaps $40/pair

Cruise Control unit with throttle cable $20

L shaped Running Board fronts that attach to flare $10/pair

3FE emissions Air Rail $25

PSR door handle white $10

PSF door handle grey $15

Headlight trim chrome above and below lights $7/piece

Chrome hatch area strip by tailgate $5

Grey interior door handles $5 brown handles $5

Brown E brake handle $8

Armrests leather or vinyl in grey $2 each

DS rear power door lock $20

Intake Manifold $35

PS headlight glass (just the glass) $15

Box 4 Misc.

Carb spacer for a V8 $5

Firestone Air Compressor $20 (great for running ARBs)

Holley Dual Fuel tank switching mechanism $30 never used

Factory Bottle Jacks $25/each

Rancho RS9000 Remote Kit $30
partstoSLC 001 (Small).jpg
partstoSLC 002 (Small).jpg
partstoSLC 007 (Small).jpg
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Nose cone transfer case mount $15 (for V8 conversions)

will ya ship?
I'll ship, but I just sold the nose cone mount about 5 seconds ago to someone in SC.
Also, my wife will bringing down some watercolors too. She has some 45 pickups, some 40s, a 55, an a 60. She's coming along so if you want something special you can chat with her about it.
That's a lot of stuff.!!
I hit ya with a PM.
77 windshield.......bring it. and pm me youir phone #, i'll be thru tere satuday night.

Possibly interested in the Rancho remote kit. Do you have any more info on it. Pic, part number, etc?
Thanks, Brian.
PM sent in the brown e-brake handle for a 60.
I am at Cruiserfest all day today at the swap meet. I will not have internet access. If you want something that didn't sell I'll get back to you on Monday. The people have responded above I sent PMs with my phone number so you can call me so I don't sell something if you want it. I'll set it aside and ship it on Monday.
Would you just sell the drivers side turn signal for the 40? I am hoping that this is for 75 and later 40's.
Also interested in the rhino'd fenders for the 40, do you have pictures? Shipping to 87108?
turn signals

PM sent on turn signals


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