cruiser won't start

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Apr 16, 2003
As anyone in the northeast will verify, it has been pretty damp here for the past oh, I guess, season, and the cruiser has started to become difficult to start when it is rainy/damp. I am guessing this is an indicator that it is tuneup time. Just wanted to post and see what you all thought. Also, anyone know where i can find a 66-75 bronco that needs a ton of work for cheap?
No start in wet is often wires and/or cap. Look at it when it is running at night and spray some water from a mister on the wires. If it lights up with cool sparks, you need wires. Heck, if that makes it run bad, you need wires, but the light show is cool. :D
hey the bronco, i have a coupel round my neck of the woods that i believe are for sale. last i heard he still has them two of them believe one is a 65 and the other a 72.. not to sure about years. can check and post back later.. but also how much work you looking to have for it and how much u lookin to spend.
bout 2k and i am looking for a good frame only. Body rust is ok. thanks.

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