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Apr 16, 2003
I have been throwing the idea of building a cruiser trailer from half of a cruiser that is a total basketcase. I got the idea when i saw a mini cooper pulling a trailer that was made from a half of a mini. I think it would be sweet, especially if i included fold out sides somehow for camping. Any ideas on what else i should try to incorporate into the design? If i do decide to do it, i will post many pics.
It's a cool idea, I am pretty sure it has been done, let me see if I can find a picture. Ok, found one.
Your idea sounds a little different than the picture, but it would be sweet either way. I like the idea of folding down sides.
The pic posted above would be along the lines of what i would be doing but i would use more of the donor cruiser (so i could use the hard top as the cover. Might try to do it like a pop-up style camper trailer, just a little shorter. I want it to be at least 7 ft long so i can lay down it at least. I do like the one posted and i would't even need a donor for that. I could just bend the corners to match mine. Hell, i guess i wouldn't need a donor at all, either way. The idea is that it is to look like the cruiser, though it doesn't have to be a cruiser to do so.
You need to check out the thread in the outfitting section about trailers. Half way down the second page there is a pic of what you're looking for.

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