Cruiser pinon angle ?

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The centre-line of the pinion should run parallel to the centre-line of the outputshaft of the tranny/transfer.
That's all there is to it.
alright sounds good to me. Since mine isnt lifted anything crazy that'd be pretty much stock. Hopefully 60 and 70 are the same then, though not hard to change since i'm welding mounts on anyways


Doesn't matter what type you have at hand. It's a golden rule that the two shafts, connected by a proppellorshaft have their centre-lines running parallel to each other.
Then you also have to make sure that the 'forks' of the u-joints are lined up. So if you hold the propellor-shaft that way that the 'fixed' fork is i.e. horizontal, the sliding part has to be inserted that way that the fork is in the same plane (horizontal in this case).
If the forks have an off-set to each other and/or if the shafts (pinion and output) are not parallel to each other the U-joints will wear very rapidly and you might experience a humming, resonating sound when driving.

Note: If I say the pinion and outputshaft should run parallel, that should be under 'average' conditions.
Of course if the axle is moving because of torque or uneven underground, there will be an offset.

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