Cruiser mechs in Colorado Springs?

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I work out a Peterson and use Mike at Mike's Japanese:
  • 1110 Valley St Ste D (Valley just north of Galley)
  • (719) 597-6856
He does great work. He installed my powertrax locker, and I'm sure he could rebuild a carb.
No, I haven't checked into any. I grew up here in the mountains, so mostly just go out with family.
Redline Land Cruisers. I work with Jay, one of the guys that works there part-time...

Redline Motorsports - Toyota Land Cruiser & Race Products

I plan to join Colorado Land Cruisers (just haven't made it to a meeting yet)

Go to the "Clubhouse" section here and they have a forum.

I rebuilt a couple carbs on my old Slant 6 engines (74 Dodge Dart and 65 Dodge D100). It wasn't too hard from what I remember.

Hope to see you on the a thread with your trucks pics up yet?
Pyle, same here mostly go out solo so I never get into too much trouble. We should get together sometime for a quick outting!

dave, I'll work on getting some pics up, I think I posted pics on here when I first got her around a year ago. I'll have to search and double check. Either way I'll have some up in my album soon. She still isn't really "trail" ready. I def need new tire rod ends and despereratly need new leaf springs. Probably going to go with a 2 inch lift once i have the funds.

Here are a few pics....

Since getting her I have put new tires on. Just something to get me by for now. Firestone Destination A/T. Other than that she looks the same.

Nice two-tone. We should go to the next CO Cruisers meeting together so I'm not the only new guy...

60 or 62? Can't see the headlights and I don't know how to tell diff otherwise...
There used to be a guy in franktown that was a god on anything Toyota

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