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Apr 24, 2003
just wondering if any of you guys that try to fix the dreaded cruiser lean have played with Your Front passenger side (my drivers side) spring.... i only mention this because on both my 40 and 45, front (aus) drivers side springs when unloaded and unrestricted by the shackle curl up to behind the spring perch. at first (on my 40) i suspected this was due to the inverted spring that had stayed inverted for days.

but today my hj45 showed exactly the same trait. and it has never sustained anything like what the 40 went through, so perhaps this is designed so the RHD vehicles sit level with driver, and assorted parefenalia. just a theory, but if someone with lean has the springs off and wants to test, i'd be interested in the outcome..

ohh and the 40 shows some lean, to the rear left., the 45 shows none (but with a 9 or 10 leaf leaf pack, it barely registers 6 people sitting on the one side.)
my 40 leans like a tired whore to the drivers side. i think the frame is bent or something.

to have the frame racked and stiffened do i need to tear it all the way down?
I think the lean is normal.

I just finished installing an aussie suspension on a LHD HJ60 and we installed it as marked. &nbsp:DS to DS and PS to PS. Oppisite of what the RHD vehicle should be. We have very little lean. The DS springs appeared to be about 3/8 of an inch taller.

I used the old HJ springs on my SOA and SR BJ40/42 project I am tackling. With just the frame, axles and springs, I have no lean.

Back over 20 years ago there was a field fix for leaning 40's that consisted of a spacer and I think longer Ubolts to go between the spring and the axle on the HIGH side. That did level the vehicle side-to-side but of course the butt was lower. I remember this from when I first went to work For Toyota in 1979. It was and old fix at that time and I'm sure the components are long-gone.
i'm cutting up some metal today for new bumper mounts so maybe i'll just build a plate reel quick and throw it in there.
if i understand all i know about it, because my cruiser leans north west i will place the plate on the south east spring; between the top side of the spring and spring mounting plate.

i'll reply again to let you guys know if anything was accomplished.
I just read that lnk(Cool Cruisers). It jogged my memory. The plate listed from the bulletin #48475-60010 was replaced by a 48475-60011 which is now discontinued. The last published price on the spacer was $53.16. The U bolts # 90118-14107 are replaced by 90117-14004 which is still available. they list for $21.92 each.

MAF sells 1/8 inch shims for this use. They should be easy to make, as well. And, yes, they worked for me. With new aftermarket stock height springs I corrected the usual 1 inch left lean with a single 1/8 inch shim at the right front.
By the way, I have a number of spare MAF shims that I didn't need with the new springs, if anyone is interested.
Mine leans and I don't care.  :D

doo daa - doo daa :D

I like my leaner, I can't count the number of people at work that have looked out the window and asked "is your truck leaning" 8)
I am pretty sure the lean has no functional effect. Whether you care or not depends on how your mind is put together!
i don't mind my lean, it's the 2-3inches of sag in the back that gets me... i'm going to make it worse tomorrow, gunna cart the new bull bar for the HJ45 moneyeater project over an hour... and i'm going to make it fit in there dammit.

i was just hypothesising about the lean cause. in afew weeks if i'm bored i may pull the fronts out and swap them side to side, then i may get a lean to the right... rare in a cruiser.
seems like the lean is caused by the placement of the I6 engine... it's a heavy pig, weighing significantly more than a 350TBI and with its weight being off the center line of the vehicle, it just can't help but cause a lean.

solution... a heavier spring in one corner of the cruiser... or move the engine weight to the vehicle's center line... or ignore it (the solution that works best for me).

On the other paw, presumably the engine is offset left to counter the transfercase/drivelines/differentials, which are offset to the right. AND, one would think, shouldn't the low corner be at the front left wheel, if it is the engine weight that does it?
my front left corner is the low one.
Must be your power steering box :D!

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