Cruiser is running well! Finally

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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Well I have got my exhaust leaks fixed for the time being. I was thinking with the way it had been running since I put the engine back together that it was going to be a long trip up to Asheville in it and I might just hitch a ride. I gould get up to speed but it just seemed like pushing the gas pedal in further did nothing. It was backfiring through the carb and lately out the tail pipe. And since I have owned the cruiser I have gotten terrible gas milage. Just ask anyone who has been with me on a long drive. 5 to 8 MPG is not out of the norm though it ran right.

I decided to replace all the points, rotor button, distributor cap and wires since they were old. Hoping it might help a little. Well last night upon looking at the old points I had found that my gap was .0001. Which is not good and the points themself were worn out. Looks as though at one time the cruiser sat for a long period of time and the shaft the points rode on rusted causing the rust to eat into the points tab that rides on the shaft. So after installing the new points and other stuff. It started right up. I took it for a test drive last night and it was like a new cruiser. It's got a lot more power than it ever has had. I have no problem getiing up to spped and I have to push the gas pedal in a lot less. So I might have just fixed my MPG problems as well.

The way I see it, it was firing way to soon on the compression stoke. Making little power and leaving lots of gas unburned and out the tail pipe. And making me think it was the carb making it run rich when it was the points all along. Now No bad smell and no smoke. And it started up this morning and ran great. Which it has never done.

It's amazing what a 4 dollar part will do for your cruiser and your confidence in being able to have a reliable vehicle.

Just though I would share.
So check those points on your 40. Make sure they are gapped 018. It might be the answer to your problems.

Now all I need to do is get JP over and show me how to adjust the valves since I haven't done it in 12 years. I'm a little rusty on that one.
points suck

Marshall, I followed your tech thread about petronix for the dizzy.
You'll never regret making the switch.
I went to a Mallory centrifical advance with magnetic pickup.
Bye, bye points!
I used to fight the points battle constantly. Heck I haven't even
opened the cap since I put the mag pickup in. WORLD of difference.
TIP: In a pinch you can use the cover from a book of paper matches
as a gauge to set the point gap. It's just about spot on and is easier
to get in there than feeler gauges.
Congrats on the fix!
Congrats Troll. I know you must be happy about that outcome. I have been doing a little Weber tweaking myself today to try to get a little more power. We "NORMALLY ASPIRATED
GUYS" need to stick together!!

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