Cruiser hesitating


Apr 5, 2005
Question for the smarter than me people out there. ( which really is not hard to be, been a grunt for the last 20 years ). About a week ago my 87 60 started hesitating going down the road. If you idle it at about 1500 rpms it will cut down to about 800 for a split second or 2 and then go back up to 1500. It will not do this all the time, just when it wants to. Also at about the same time as this started my Fan relay was replaced (small round one under dash for the carb fan) I checked it and it was really hot, pulled it and put the old one back. Today it started doing it again and the old relay was hot also. For a while I thought it was bad gas , ran it down to 1/2 tank then topped off again. It still might be bad but what would be causing the relays to get so hot ? :confused:
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