cruiser electrics

Apr 16, 2003
I had to replace the ballast resistor today and afterwards i had no wipers, heater fan, or turn signals.  WTF?  DId i somehow fry a circuit or something?  I disconnected the batt so that really doesnt make sense nut hey, who knows
 any help would be appreciated It is on a 75 fj 40 if that helps
Feb 19, 2003
Kansas city MO
well lets see the turn signals and the heater have different fuses unless the wiring has been modified. they do share the same termnial with the ballast at the ign sw but if you can start the engine you can rule that out. i would check the fuses (ive seen stranger thing happen) after that its time to get out the volt meter and start troubleshooting
hope ive helped good luck

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