Cruiser Dead Electrical Problem At Stealership Help

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Feb 27, 2007

Yesterday I wanted some fresh air so I pressed to the button to pop the far rear windows open. They didn't and all my gauges went dead.

This happened several months ago and I changed the fuse and everything worked again and I through various means and methods figured out that I had a dead cell in my battery. Replace it and no problem or so I thought until yesterday.

Hear is my previous post and thread from when I thought this was resolved a few months back:

What I did was keep driving without changing the fuse. Then it started to run rough, and then died. Hmmm.

Took it to stealership and they can repeat the fuse blowing by hitting the switch.

I told them that I thought maybe water had gone in there or somwhere under the dash because some was dripping out under the left side of the dash after it rained a few weeks ago. Bad window seal.

They think it is the motor for the rear windows, I say bull. It has to be something else.

Real time help and thoughts would be great.


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Water can get into the fuse box from a bad windshield replacement causing this problem.

If you search you'll find several threads.

I have read about that, and it may be part of my problem. The dealership just told me that the passenger side motor is defective and causing the problem. I am dubious, but who knows.

Any more thoughts?

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