Cruiser Days Deas Island

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Jun 27, 2007
Peachland, BC
I'm heading down to Crusier Days Show and Shine again this year. Meet up with some friends and come away with some good prizes. I win something every year. Maybe also buy some hard to find parts.

The event is on the the 23rd of July.

Want to know if anyone wants to bring down their truck. Maybe we can convoy on the 22nd.

Last Year I left at 4:00 am and arrived in time for the start of the show.

I'd like to go the night before tho. Give me time to wash the crap off and visit my buddy.
I'm in, :steer: trailer and all.

Free afternoon naps in the RTT for OSL members;)
Show starts at 10 but come earlier if you like.

We are having a bit of an unofficial swap meet again; if you have LC parts that you'd like to sell and they can be confined to the immediate area around your truck, feel free to bring them. No leaky transfer cases, you know the drill.... :cheers:
It was nice to meet you, Geordie!

It was a fun day.
It was nice to meet you, Geordie!

It was a fun day.

Good to meet you to Kim.
I had a good day, lots of nice rigs to ogle.
Winning the 50-50 draw was pretty sweet. It would have covered my trip..........if I didn't buy that :cool: tranny skid plate from Jason (Cruisin Off Road)

I took some pics but there was some crud on the lens of my camera so they are not worth posting:bang:.

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