Cruiser Calendars on SALE!!

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    Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 09:58:28 -0800
    From: Henry Brimmer <>
    Subject: [LCML] keep alive -- bandwidth bills continue to mount!

    to support and keep the mailing lists, archives, and running, i have donated proceeds from the sale of the next 200 calendars to raise funds in support of the effort!

    in the past i have never discounted the calendars -- mainly out of respect for the people who pay full price -- but this is an entirely different situation and i know everyone will understand... and that you all consider helping!!!

    so here is the deal

    send $15 per calendar with a self addressed mailing label to

    get lost productions
    118 south 100 west
    cedar city, ut 84720

    or do the paypal thing by giving them my email

    even better -- get 20 calendars for $200...

    i will cover USPS costs and send morgan an average of $11 per calendar... if all 200 sell, stands to make $2200!!


    so you already have a calendar?
    so what? you need one in your office, the den, the bathroom, the shed...
    your newborn son/daughter needs one right above the crib, the neighbor who helps you all the time needs at least one, your ex-wife needs two...
    for herself and her new boyfriend...

    be generous -- the list has always been!

    lets see how fast 200 calendars can move?!
    on your marks, GET SET, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO....!!!

    henry b.
    get lost productions

    * TLCA received $817 from GLP... buck per calendar sold, as
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