Cruiser#6: 2008 Silver Land Cruiser

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Jul 27, 2004
AL Coast
Picked this one up Monday.

I could not be happier. 2008, 136k miles, two owner former Toyota CPO with new tires, brakes, belt, and recent timing belt.

Tires are 285/60/18 Toyota Open Country ATII. I'm going to add some 1" wheel spacers to widen the stance and add a 3/4" front spacer lift to get it closer to level, leaving a 1" rake.

This is my 6th cruiser, and the best one yet in my opinion. The power from the 5.7 is unreal. Looking forward to getting to know my new-to-me 200.
Congrats. Volunteer to go to the grocery every time now. It's a win win
Well, I got her a 335i convertible, silver on red, 23k miles. The cruiser is pretty much the grocery getter. With the top down on the BMW, there's enough room for about two thin crust pizzas in the trunk! LOL

"The power from the 5.7 is unreal". I hear you and completely agree;)

Congrats! Just out of curiosity, was this the same one for sale at a dealer in Houston?
No, this one was from an individual in Orange Beach AL, about 25 miles from me.
Installed some home-cut derlin 1/2" spacers on top of the coil packs to net 3/4" of front lift. Helped to tame that 2" rake I had. Also added some 1.5" wheel spacers to bump the tires out and help fill out the wheel wells. Now the tread is even with the body panels. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably go with 1.25" instead of 1.5" since I get the tiniest bit of scrubbing at full turn - tire is rubbing the mud flap inside the fender well. Easy enough to fix though.

Took a pic this morning on the way to work. What better backdrop than a WWII battleship and a B-52 bomber?

Looking great. You're probably the first to use a top spacer. That's surprising considering the popularity among other Toyota platforms with the same coilover setup. I'm sure you'll see a lot of curiosity in your product.

You used to have a red 4th gen 4R? I recognize the handle from my 4R days. We might have met at Tellico before it was bulldozed.
I cannot find an aftermarket top spacer for the 200 anywhere. Toyota has a 3/8" thick metal spacer @ $70/pair that are used on the 2014+ 200s.

Yeah, that's me. Still miss that 4 runner at times. Double lockers are so much fun offroad.
derlin as spacers?. I'm familiar with the material but not its strength. Will it hold up to the rigors of the LC?
If so I can easily but them on my laser cutter in any thickness.
I have the metal ones so I can scan and make the template.
Here's some info on Derlin. For materials to make the spacer, you really only have to worry about compressive strength, impact resistance, fatigue, and longevity. Derlin and other High Density polymers excel at these.

The chemical composition and highly crystalline structure of Delrin acetal homopolymers offer a unique combination of physical properties not available with metals or most other plastics. The outstanding characteristics of Delrin resins include:
• High tensile strength, impact resistance, and stiffness
• Outstanding fatigue endurance
• Excellent resistance to moisture, gasoline, solvents, and many other neutral chemicals
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Good electrical insulating characteristics
• Good resilience and resistance to creep
• Natural lubricity
• Wide end-use temperature range The main property limitations are repeated use in steam or hot water, and exposure to strong acids or bases outside the pH range of 4–9.

Materials subjected to cyclic stresses sometimes fail at stress levels below their yield strength. This condition is fatigue failure, and the cyclic loading in tension and compression combined is the most severe situation. Delrin acetal resins have extremely high resistance to fatigue failure from –40 to 82°C (–40 to 180°F). Furthermore, their resistance to fatigue is affected little by water, solvents, neutral oils, and greases.

Repeated Impact indicates the ability of a material to stand up to vigorous handling in an application and shows how resistance varies with the loading rate. The Repeated Impact test consists of a series of impact loads at an energy lower than required for fracture. The number of blows to cause failure is a measure of repeated impact resistance and becomes especially important to the appliance and automotive industries. Some plastics with a high initial impact strength fail rapidly when subjected to repeated impacts at much lower energy levels. The Repeated Impact test uses the same equipment and procedure as the Tensile Impact Test, except the energy is controlled at 60% of the tensile impact strength of the material being tested. The data in Figure 27 shows that Delrin 500 has good resistance to repeated impacts over the rates tested. As the loading rate increases, so does the capability of Delrin 500 to withstand shock without rupture. Data comparison of Delrin acetal resin, other plastics, and die-cast metals shows Delrin acetal resin to be exceptionally resistant to repeated impact loads. Delrin 100ST, 100, and 500T provide even greater impact performance.
I looked into derlin to make a bump stop bracket.

I say to it.

Also, Ebay has the best prices on scrap derlin; much cheaper than anywhere else.
Update on the lift. I drove it 50 miles, parked in level garage, measured, reset KDSS, measured again. I'm now @ 3/4" rake, when I had right @ 1.75" before. I previously read that the geometry of the LC front control arms gives a 1.6:1 ratio of lift to spacer thickness, so I was not expecting that much. Then I realized I changed that geometry with the wheel spacers. Since the front has a pivot point, the wheels being further away from the pivot makes the spacer provide more lift than stock. Duh! Anyway, very happy with the results.
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They will fit.
I bought the metal ones for my 2011. Waiting for a nice NE day to install.
Bring a big brass hammer. I had a heck of a time getting my steering arm joints to pop loose.
Yeah, I had to put a torch on my steering joint and still hit them pretty hard to get them to let go.
Congrats on the new 200. Sorry to inform you but those do not have timing belts, its a chain.

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