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Apr 1, 2006
Bad week for getting this done, gents. Tranny hump did not go as planned. Figured it out but more surgery required. Take that off the list for the week. Today my V8 conversion battery tray from MAF arrived. Excellent. We are going to start wiring this bitch up if it kills me! Of course I rush to the garage to try and mock it up. Guess what? It won't fit. The friggin' 350 is too far over to the passenger side to fit it. It bangs against the alternator cradle.

Dude this ain't my day.

So send it back and go for a driver's side I suppose?
How much interference? Can you move the engine over? The front mounts have an assortment of holes to accomplish this. To borrow an expression, 'it is just metal. You can out-think it!'. Have you considered fabricating your own box? Put it where you want. Nothing just bolts right up on a deal like this.

Just wait until you get intro troubleshooting the wiring & electrical you haven't even started yet. You're not going to have any hair left. I would probably kill somebody.

You are sweating the small stuff now and you have a long way to go with the most difficult portion ahead. What did you ever do about the 37's coming so close to the front-side of your rear fenders?
It's not hitting the alternator. That's on the drivers side. It's hitting what I think is leftover AC components? It has a female weatherpack connector on it.........looks like the engine could move over a notch to the driver's side, but you can crowd the saginaw rod that way. Spring flip is imminent to buy me some time. I need some muscle to help out so it doesn't take me three hours. I may do Saginaw first so I can steer it, tow to a shop and do the spring flip on a lift, then tackle the wiring simultaneously.

See thingy in 350 diagram on upper left:
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I believe you're right, that looks like an A/C compressor.

What about mounting it on the firewall? That's where mine is.....
What about yanking that fxxxer out and throwing it across the garage?
Just took a quick look again at it. What would the game plan be for removing the compressor and mount? What does your belt and pulley configuration change to?
Just took a quick look again at it. What would the game plan be for removing the compressor and mount? What does your belt and pulley configuration change to?

Game plan? Yank the Serpentine belt and unbolt it, and then throw the fxxxing thing across the garage. Cut the mount off with a sawsall unless it's bolted on, in which case you can still sawsall the bolt off and throw that across the garage if you so desire.

I think it would be a trial and error kind of thing unless you can find someone who has 'thrown that fxxxer across the garage' and knows about what size serp belt to get. . I think that would make for a considerably smaller serp belt. :lol:

My $$$ says fxxx it and mount the battery on the firewall.
AC delete pulley would do it. LT1 example below. says:

GM PART # 10055890
CATEGORY: Water Pump Pulley
GM LIST: $97.99
OUR PRICE: $58.08

DESCRIPTION: A/C delete pulley
This pulley is originally for 88-92 f-bodies and caprices that did not come with a/c that were equipped with an L98 engine.

Summit says:
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Went ahead and got it got the $58 from, why the hell not? Sent Uncle Sam $15k yesterday even after write offs galore, this is peanuts!
Update...AC compressor is out, but the damn bracket is huge. I have no clude how to mount this thing. Fender and shock mount are on no planet in the universe close to fitting.....uh MAF, what do I do now?

I have the exact same problem right now. I too am looking for a solution.

The MAF tray hits the bracket, not just the compressor.

No room on the firewall to mount a battery for me.

I got mine installed. Drill out the spot welds on that bracket that's marked with a green arrow, and knock it off with a chisel and 2lb dead blow hammer. Mount it as instructed to the front of the shock mount. Using the holes in the battery tray as a guide, drill two holes in fender that tray is sitting on and bolt it down. Took all of 5 minutes.
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I don't have that bracket. My battery tray hits the compressor bracket and delete pulley when I try to place it. My engine is pretty much centered in the bay.

How did you get the bolts for the delete pulley to NOT hit the pulley itself? I reused my compressor clutch bolts and although shaved down they ain't gonna make it.
Battery Box

Here is a picture of how mine wants to install. It just is not going to happen.

AS for the AC delete pulley, I have a different one then the one pictured above.

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Mounts to FRONT of shock tower.......
Look where the box is touching the pulley. Does not matter if it is forward more. I placed it there so you could see it is in line with the shock mount.

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