Cruise Moab - Whos going and when ya leaving?

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Mar 30, 2006
Thought it would be good to see what others were planning so we all have an idea of who is going and when everyone is leaving.

I am planning on taking different routes over and back to make the trip more enjoyable.

I am thinking on leaving Monday morning and taking I 40 across to the Flagstaff /Sedona area. Then heading north and rolling into BFE late Tuesday.

Return trip would be leaving Saturday afternoon evening and driving to Mesquite area - then returning Sunday through Vegas on the 15.

I will be towing the 40 on a trailer behind the Tundra- so I will be limited to sane freeway speeds. :D

Also thought it would be cool for us to camp in the same area together.
I am currently planning on leaving on Saturday. I will be heading up to Ventura to pick up my brother than up the 15 to Mesquite or St. Gorege. Then through Zion, Bryce, Arches Etc. for a couple of days and intend to camp if possible. I plan to get to the BFE campground on Wednesday at the latest. I will be leaving on Sunday morning heading down the 15 unless others want to side track down to Sedona to meet up with Ron Parker as an option. May just decide to bonsai back 12 hours on Sunday.

I will not be bringing the pop up and will be tent camping. We will likely be going into town for supplies and a few meals since we will only be bringing back packing cooking gear and easily made food. But considering bringing a small grill to cook a few steaks as well.

Anybody bringing firewood for a Sandiego group fire or hang out. Not sure of the rules for fires and fire pits but it sounded like they intended to have a large group campfire. I don't like the idea of lugging wood out 700 miles but not sure of the avaialblity in Moab and how expensive it would be in small bundels.

I would be interested in a group site for the SD crew.
they said on their site that bfe will have wood for sale, showers, bathrooms and potable water. Possibly even internet wifi in the main area.

I am leaving saturday with the fam, headed to zion and then to bfe, will get to bfe monday night. We plan to visit the local parks while camping for free at bfe. The fee allows camping starting sunday night I believe.

see you guys there, look for me in the white 80 and the black lab hangin out the back.

So jealous of you guys right now; would love to be going with you guys. Love that area and all the cool National Parks.

As an alternate to lugging firewood, an idea for a compact way for packing for a campfire would be charcoal briquettes. You can even get the match-light charcoal ones so you don't need lighter fluid. If someone can find an old washer (clothes washing machine) tub, that can serve as your fire ring. Perfectly contained.

How to Make a Washing Machine Drum Firepit |

Have fun.
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Noah we'll keepn eye out for you on the road. We were considering bringing the wash tub but inthe moab pictures it looks like ground fires are OK. I guess we will plan to get wood there. One week away, can't wait.
another good idea for firewood are those logs you can buy at the store, duraflame logs or whatever, they have some that will burn for 3 hours! I plan to carry 4 or 5 of these for the rubicon instead of a bunch of wood.

I have the botton half an old 75 lb halon cylinder that I will be bringing for a fire ring. If I have the time- I will cut up some of the dead manzanita in my canyon- but a case of duraflame logs are an easy way to go.
I'm out the door!

Hey Darby. Sorry to go off topic but when you get a chance can you post some pics of your tube doors and sliders. Thank you
Hey Darby. Sorry to go off topic but when you get a chance can you post some pics of your tube doors and sliders. Thank you

I figured that I would use the Rubicon as the back drop rather than my driveway!

The tube doors are from Redline:

Redline Motorsports - Toyota Land Cruiser & Race Products

Justin and Isotel are great guys to deal with and they kept me in the vehicle when I rolled two years ago.

The sliders are from White Knuckle:

John also is great to deal with.

let me know if you need some specific angles of photos.
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