Cruise Moab 2015

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Apr 2, 2005
Kittredge CO USA
Cruise Moab registration is now open! Go to the web site to register!

This year's event will be from Tuesday, April 28th through Sunday May 3rd. Our headquarters will be at the lot just south of and adjacent to Slickrock Campground again. You do not have to stay at Slickrock Campground if you don't want to, it is just the epicenter of the event. The schedule will be the same as the last couple of years with the overnight runs:

Tuesday - Kokopelli Run Starts (3 Days 2 Nights - limit 14 rigs!)
Wednesday - San Rafael Swell Run Starts (2 days 1 night - limit 20 rigs), Registration, Safety Inspection, Hell’s Revenge Night Run!!!
Thursday - Guided Trail Runs, Vendor Night
Friday - Guided Trail Runs, Dinner, Raffle
Saturday - Guided Trail Runs
Sunday - Clean up and go home

We are keeping registration the same as it has been for the past two years: $175 + BLM fees, which are a straight pass-through. We are also passing through the $25/registrant food costs for the overnight runs. Remember, Rising Sun doesn't make a dime on Cruise Moab. We donate 100% of the proceeds to land use and to improving the event.

Be advised that you must be a current TLCA member to register. We could not have this event without our affordable TLCA insurance, it is a TLCA sanctioned event and therefore you must be a TLCA member. It's only $35.

Scott Yoder and I are the co-chairing the committee this year. I am doing trail assignments and registration again this year. If you have any questions, please contact Scott or me at the emails above. Please do not PM me here with questions about Cruise Moab. Feel free to join the Rising Sun forum on the Cruise Moab thread.

Here are some changes from prior years:
(1) We are dropping Pritchett Canyon due to waning interest.
(2) We are dropping Chicken Corner due to waning interest.
(3) We are adding the Pickle (difficult)
(4) We are adding Jax Trax (Moderate)
(5) The Wednesday night run is changing from Fins & Things to Hell’s Revenge due to complaints from the two campsites in the Sand Flats recreation area that Fins passes through.
(6) Attendance of the Wednesday evening driver’s meeting is MANDITORY even if you are a Cruise Moab veteran! We have important new information to disseminate regarding our BLM stipulations, and as part of our permitting, they are requiring us to have each and every driver informed and acknowledge that they have received this new information.

Trail Sponsors to date:
Red Line Land Cruisers (Justin Robbins) – Behind the Rocks (Thursday)
Cruiser Outfitters (Kurt Williams) - San Rafael Swell (Wednesday)
Outdoorx4 Magazine (Stan Wright) - Kokopelli Trail (Tuesday)
Just Differentials (Carl Montoya) - Porcupine Rim - (Friday)
Outer Limit Supply (Travis Hurley) – Cliffhanger – (Saturday)
Slee Off Road - (Christo Slee) - Hell's Revenge (Friday)
Gamiviti - (Tim Nakari) - Wipeout Hill (Friday)

I will update the above as the information becomes available.

If you would like to attend, now is a good time to put in for time off from work, if you need a lot of advance notice.

Happy crusin'!
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As a reminder, we are almost full. If you were thinking of coming, now's the time to register, or else be on a wait list. Trail assignments are almost done, and confirmations should be going out in the coming days.

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