Cruise Control

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Oct 13, 2010
Kitimat B.C.
Hey, I've got a '90 hdj81. The cruise control has never worked and I have no idea where to start troubleshooting. I have a brake controller and I think it might be the reason. Are there compatibility issues with the two?
Does the dash light turn on at least when you hit the button on the end of the cruise control stalk to power on the cruise control system?
Yeah the dash light goes on, I have to start tracing the system to see where the problem is. I just have no idea how it works, mechanically or electrically. Not alot of info on mud it seems.
There are a few fail safes in there, I remember reading that one of them is brake fluid... Have you checked that the harness is connected and your brake fluid is ok?

Also check all your fuses to rule all that out, also was the brake controller in there when you got the truck or was it installed after?
I can get mine to work, but I've never had a mechanical auto tranny before, so the way it works is much different than I'm used to. It seems hesitant to take over (if I let off the gas too quickly it doesn't catch), accel is very slow to react, decel is very abrupt to react, and resume doesn't appear to work at all. On the old tires (31's) the best it would do is about 104km/h on the GPS, with the new tires I'm up to 112-113km/h on the GPS, so actually useful now. I'd love to find a way to override the speed limiter though. Once I get some maintenance stuff done, I'll be digging into this a bit deeper.
He cruise control on my '91 hdj81 is quite finicky and becoming more cantankerous. The light will come on from the get go, but it won't actually take over for a number of minutes. Then it will work for a indeterminate amount of time before it just kicks out completely, light off and won't re-engage until I shut off the rig and turn it back on to go through these steps again.
Something with the electrical?

1991 VX limited HDJ81 (stock so far) w/ winter package & drawer/bed.
Cruise control on the bj74 is primitive, but effective. With the hand throttle screwed full open it cruises at 100 kph on level ground, and just needs a bit of a nudge on the hills.

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