Cruise Control Mystery on my 80

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May 17, 2011
Penetanguishene Ontario
I am new to IH8MUD I have a 1992 HDJ81 and am having some issues with the cruise control. It works fine when first set but if you hit the breaks the cruise control light will start to flash and then goes out now it won't work at all. Now if I cancel it instead before hitting breaks it will work fine. Also the using of signal lights will shut the cruise off during use. Not sure if these are gremlins or the way it is supposed to work. I figured if there was anybody out there that had any ideas they would be on here.

Thanks Andre:cheers:
I put money on it being a hokey install of trailer wiring...
I put LED tail lights on my '96 4Runner. When I used my left turn signal, it would cancel the cruise control. Right signal would work fine. It has something to do with the lower resistance of the LEDs. Installation of ballast resistors should fix it.
Nope it is still a Mystery. I removed all aftermarket trailor wiring and no change. Now I am going to take the led bulbs out and try that, if they are the cause then the next thing to try is the ballast resistors anybody have a suggestion on which resistors I should use? :D
The LED's are your problem I am sure. Take them out and swap them and you will find out.
Well a quick update I took out the led bulbs they were the problem for the cruise cutting out from the signaling but they had no effect on it cutting out and shutting off completely when I hit the breaks. What I tried and it worked for the LEDs in the signals was put in an EP-34 electronic flasher and the LEDs back in and it works great. Still trying to figure out the breaking issue. I will post if and when I find the problem.

Do you have LED's anywhere else? Front lights, etc.? Just curious. Post up what you find.
So I have tried everything I can come up with and still Haven't found the problem of the brakes cancelling the cruise control completly. I have tried unpluging the brake switch and the tail lights altogether to eliminate them, makes no difference. My next step is to try a different cruise control computer. Would anybody happen to know if the HDJ81 has the same CCP as the north american 80 series cruisers?

Thanks again Andre
Quick update. I finally got my hands on a used cruise control computer and will try switching it out to see if that solves the problem of the crusie control shutting down when the brakes are applied!

There are trouble codes you can retrieve (just like with the CEL) that will pinpoint the problem for you.
Thnaks CJF I have spent hours on here looking for a thread like that and never found it. I will check it out today and let everybody know how things went.

Thanks Andre

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