Crooked tub

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Jun 16, 2003
Monroe, WA
another one from the novice...I noticed something weird on my truck. the tub seems to be on offset to the passenger side. The tires on both front and back stick out about 3/4 to an inch more on the right than the it possible to put a tub on crooked like that? It seems to drive ok stop straight and all that...The frame looks this normal or is something serious going on??
I measured from the frame out to the bottom edge of the rear quarter panels and thats where I got the 1" difference. The body is shifted to the drivers side. It isnt off as much to the front....which is weird. I am finding out right quick that with an unknown number PO's I am finding all sorts of qwirky stuff. Tho since I have never owned one of these before I dont exactly know what is normal and what is bad news! Live and learn I guess! Thanks for the help...I am going to measure the never know!
if you have the original bushings on your springs they may have pushed the axle to one side over time. both of my cruisers where the same as yours untill i put new bushings on the springs, which centered it up
That makes me feel is going in for spings/shackles/bushings and tie rod ends tomorrow....number one on the wish list is a place with room to do this stuff myself! thanks for the info

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