Crested Butte, Colorado Wheeling

Jan 31, 2003
We just returned from a week in Crested Butte. We ran Schofield pass, Crystal River, Lead King Basin, Kebler Pass, Ohio Pass, Slate & Gothic Roads and Pearl Pass. No major breakdowns with our FJ-40, but before a return trip, I will definitely need to get acquainted with the procedures for replacing the jets in my Rochester carb (or go all the way to fuel injection). Also got a taste (tastes worse than chicken) of how vocal the bicyclists are in Colorado. What an arrogant bunch! See you on the trail somewhere. If you want to see some photos, provide me your e-mail address & I'll send a few. I haven't figured out how to attach them here. Chuck
Mar 28, 2003
Marquette, MI; Jackson, WY
I too just recently did some wheeling in the Butte. Pearl Pass is pretty awesome. Only saw 2 motorcylces over the length of the trail. I'm curious, what kind of encounters did you have with bikers? I used to live (and mountain bike) in Crested Butte, and the local bikers are pretty laid back generally, usually the out of towners are the ones who can be jerks. The only time I ever get pissed on my bike is when I'm huffing it up to Schofield Pass from town, sucking lots of air, then getting dusted by some one driving 55 who fails to slow down and reduce the dust. That's brutal. :mad: :p I've got a bunch of pictures too that I'll post soon, this damn worm is keeping me from logging on long enough to post them though.

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