Creaky sun visors are driving me crazy! Help!!!

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Sep 2, 2010
Sarasota, Florida
Anyone else have this problem?
Everyone that rides in my 100 and moves the visor ends up saying something like:
"Geeez, what's with your visors, man? I thought this was supposed to be a HIGH quality vehicle!"

When you flip them up or down they creak and groan horribly. The hotter it gets in the car the worse they get.
I tried some silicone on the exposed part of the rod with them extended but it didn't help one bit. It feels like the gripper is more in the middle of the visor.
I'm afraid to just start squirting lube in there in case they end up getting too loose. Not much room to squirt anyway.
Any suggestions?
I have the same problem, so I will be curious to hear of possible solutions.
Got the problem, but not the solution!!
How often do you flip them up or down? Mine squeak but the 2x/year I use em big deal.
I use them pretty much every day; and down only is not an option!

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I'm not sure what mechanism is in our visors, but it's probably like this assembly going into cars next year. This is for GM, but I'm building a machine to assemble Toyota visors next and the parts are nearly identical. Inside the spring box is a simple leaf spring. The leaf spring provides the braking action, and there is a flat on the tube to hold the visor in the up position. It's steel on coated steel, with a bit of grease.

These machines put all the parts together, mushroom the end so it'll never come apart, squirt a bit of grease into the spring box through the hole in the side, rotate the part once, and it's done.

I'm not sure if you could get fresh grease into the spring box, I'll have to take a look at my visors tonight, maybe it could come apart. The spring box doesn't slide on the tube, the spring box actually slides within the visor on a track, so lubing the tube doesn't do anything.
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Thanks Scottm for the encourgement and possibility of a practical solution.
It would be really cool if someone had a dilapidated old 100 visor they could cut apart so we could really see what is inside there.
And, it's nice to know I'm not the only one with this irritating problem.
Thanks for all of your responses (and yes I do have sunglasses).
Checked out my visors after work, holy carp that sound terrible. But only the driver's side. I don't see any way to get in there, the cover is molded on. Some 80 guys have complained theirs don't stay up, I'd much rather have this problem.

There are probably many other vehicles with the same mechanicals, cosmetically different. My 4Runner has a similar overmolded steel tube, probably the same mechanism. If you find a similar one to tear into you'll probably know what's in yours.
My groans, and makes too much noise. I get really embarrassed when driving around friends and family. It makes my LC feel cheap. I really hope to get this fixed.
Mine has been doing the same thing. I've been tempted to poke a few small holes near the pivot and shooting some silicone spray in there... pretty sure that'll cure the issue.
SupraTuRD said:
Mine has been doing the same thing. I've been tempted to poke a few small holes near the pivot and shooting some silicone spray in there... pretty sure that'll cure the issue.

I've thought about that too, you'll need to get lube inside the spring box, which slides inside the visor. You don't want to just spray randomly, if you soak the fabric you might end up with an ugly stain. The machines I'm building have very expensive greasers and nozzles to precisely grease without overgreasing. Older designs like ours might have no grease, just plastic.

I looked at my visor, wondering if I can get inside it. The rubber bumpers for the vanity lid might hide small screws. I didn't have time or daylight to try pulling them out, and now I'm in a hotel in Vegas.

If these can be lubed, I'd use Teflon grease over silicone.
Anyone ever solve this? My visors sound like a rusty hatch on a pirate ship.
Doesn't take much.


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