Crappy 80 series Electric seats. Gear Install Fail

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Dec 8, 2019
West Texas
So I recently purchased LandTank seat extensions for my LX and decided while I was in there I would go ahead and replace the old gears with the Gamiviti gears and caps. The drivers seat went pretty smoooth but when I went to replace them in the passenger seat things kind of fell apart. I went to take out the cap and it just crumbled in the center leaving part of the cap.

Is part 72206-30040 what I need to replace below? Does it come with all new internal gears?
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Just buy a new cap. And fill with new quality white grease.
Just buy a new cap. And fill with new quality white grease.

That is the problem. I have a new cap but if you look at picture #1 that is where the cap was and I can’t get the rest out. I wanted to get the metal internal gear out to clean so I used a screw driver to start getting the cap out and it started crumbling. The gear was melted and it was almost like the cap was melted in too.
Is only the cap crumbling?
If so, use needle nose pliers spread against what remains of the cap. Or a small pick and patience will get the rest out.
The cap is the only thing crumbling. I tried the needle nose as well as other tricks. It won’t come out. Almost like it’s super glued in. I hate things that should be simple but are an a$$ whoopin.:bang:
Try drilling some small holes around the area where the shaft is in the center. Try not to go too deep, but that thing is maybe 3/8" thick. Then get some cheap dental picks and jam into the holes and pull and twist.

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