Crank shaft differences

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Dec 31, 2009
SLO, California
Alright so I've used the search and I understand there are a few differences in the '75-80' 2f motor blocks and the '80-'86(I believe) 2f motor blocks.
The latter of which has (and correct me if I am wrong):
-a more balanced crank shaft
-Lighter\more balanced connecting rods (?)
-Flat topped pistons vs. the domed pistons of earlier years
-Different shaped combustion chamber
-Threaded plugs one of which would be located behind the bell housing (this I have only read once)
-And of course those that came with power stearing have threaded holes for the bracket on the drivers side.

However I couldn't really find any differences in the crankshafts themselves. Comparing them there seems to be an oil sling (this is what the machinist said) on the flywheel side of the '75-'80 version which isn't present in the '80-'86 model. We used calipers to measure certain dimensions and they seemed to match. What I'm really asking is does anyone have any knowledge of any other diffferences that would prevent me from using a earlier model crank in a later model 2f, and or would the fact that the crank has the oil sling and the block does not be a problem? Thank you in advance.

These are pictures of the two crank ends; what do you think?


Same part # for 9/73 - 8/87 crankshaft (13401-61010).

And I guess it doesn't matter if the later ones are balanced better (they are, marginally), because that's something your machinist can do ...

Is the one in the pic too far gone ? No oil ?

There's the possibility crankshaft is still avail from Toyota... You could call Beno (MUD screen name) although I suspect for the price of that part you could find a good used engine...
cliff, slo salvage has a 60 in the yard. i might be able to get it for you for a decent price. let me know i've been dealing with them for many years, back when i was into VW's. just got most of the a/c stuff for a good price. under 2 ben's. i'll talk to them and see how much they want for the whole motor. anyways let me know. Rob
yeah, its toast but I have a perfectly reground crank that I figured I could use if it all matched up.

and Rob I may take you up on that. though it's funny cuz I remembered they had one some time ago but when I called them about it last time they said they didn't have it :\
The crank can be repaired, welded, ground, etc., but it's prolly cheaper to just find a good used one...
they did have one a long time ago. real nice one but was rolled out at the dunes. i got the trans and transfer from that one. they crushed it, and then they got another 60 out there. so just let me know. i,m not to sure how much longer it's going to be there for it is getting pretty well picked over. only thing really left is the motor,body,rear axle...

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