crank sensor?

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Mar 27, 2003
Groveland MA
I crawled under the truck today and the oil leak up in front of the engine has really started to take on some speed. It turns out it's from the crank sensor. I've tried CDan a few times today with no luck. On my second attempt to get someone locally to help me I have a gasket on order albeit with a low confidence of it being right.

Anyway, has anyone replaced this and do I need to drain the oil? I'm thinking it's an O-ring but I couldn't get that much info from the parts guy.
landtank said:
So Toyota doesn't offer a gasket then?


How come you didn't leave a message?.......:confused:
What does a crank sensor leak look like compared to the aluminum oil pan leaking in the front? I have a leak in that general vicinity but am not certain what is leaking.

I just had a thought. Could the fact that the oil pan likes to leak also be related to the aluminum vs iron mating differences not unlike the head gaket issue?
the sensor is located at the front of the pan under that tin cover. My tin cover is soaking wet with oil and dripping off the rear of it. The sensor is held in place by to nuts on studs. I haven't removed it yuet but expedct to find an O-ring type setup where the sensor pushes into a hole. I'll let everyone know tomorrow.
Landtank - I recently thought my crank sensor was leaking. Took off the " skid plate " and it was the oil pump gasket. Syptoms looked the same. You might want to take a look.
Ok, so the deed is done.

First, the local parts guy did get me a seal, it just wasn't one for the crank sensor. He showed me the pic in the parts guide and he couldn't manage to follow the dotted lines correctly :confused: . And after I looked at the parts guide it was obvious the seal isn't coming from Toyota.

To start these first set of pics shows the sensor, gasket and it's mating surface on the oil pan.

Looking at the sensor you'll notice near the base of it there is a releif around it's body.

Looking at the gasket you'll notice tha there is a skirt on the inside of the O-ring. With the gasket installed this skirt sits inside that releif to hold the O-ring in place and centering it on the sensor.

Looking at the oil pan you'll see the arwea for the O-ring seat.
Crank Sensor bare.jpg
original O-ring.jpg
oil pan.jpg
So one could just replace the O-ring with a standard one off the shelf however it would be tedious to get everything lined up and ensure a good seal.

My solution was to use 2 O-rings, one smaller one to fill that releif and help hold a larger one centered for install.

The ones I used were as follows:

BrassCraft-SC 0558 3/4" I.D. (15/16" O.D.) x 3/32" wall

BrassCraft-SC 0584 9/16" I.D. (3/4" O.D.) x 3/32" wall

I placed the smaller one on the sensor and then pressed it into the relief to be sure it was seated completely.

I then placed the larger one over the top of it. The larger one was held off the base slightly but didn't cause any install problems.

An .80 cent fix for a 105.00 problem.
small O-ring.jpg
large O-ring.jpg
landtank said:
Looks like it's time for me to throw down with this thing then, especially since I have the week off.

Nice job Rick. Since you have the rest of the week off, you should come down to Albuquerque and do the PM on my HG. I'm serious and there's a case of Bloodington's in it for you if you're game.


Beowulf said:
Nice job Rick. Since you have the rest of the week off, you should come down to Albuquerque and do the PM on my HG. I'm serious and there's a case of Bloodington's in it for you if you're game.



Let me check my FF miles

Well nothing available at this late date.
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Post back in a week letting us know if it's leaking. I need to do the same thing.
landtank said:
Well nothing available at this late date.


Hold on, let me check my SWA passes.

You're in luck! :bounce2:

I have a SWA free ticket and it's on it's way to you via FedEx. You should have it before 9AM tomorrow. There's an 11AM flight leaving from Concord NH and there's a reservation in your name. I'll have Dan pick you up at the airport and buy your dinner then bring you to my place around 8PM so you can get started. I have to work tomorrow so don't run the air tools past 10PM.


landtank said:
Actually -B- , I'd love to make arrangements to come out and see you and Dan and do some wrenching in between the beers.

I doubt there would be much wrenching......;)

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