Crank pulley help

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Mar 11, 2014
Wichita Falls, Texas
Guys - I am stumped. I have a fj60. The outer and smaller pulley began to separate from the larger inner 2 groove crank pulley. I removed the pulley nut and washer but I can’t get the pulley off. Used a 2 bolt gear puller, but It gets to a particular point and won’t budge. The gear puller started to bend and i was pulling like hell. Tried penetrating lubricant - no help. Before i resort to drastic measures (heat, massive leverage, cutting torch, etc); i was going to see if i am missing something or if threre is some trick. I have never had this issue. Thanks
Key is prob wedged in the now mangled keyway. You may need to get more room (pull the rad) so you can hit the pulleys to vibrate the key from where it’s wedged.
If you can get it off and the pulleys look okay... link isn’t coming up now, @roadstra6 reattached his when they came apart.
I’d push it back on and try to look through the slot on the pulleys. If they separated could be one section is tweaked from being lined up, IF that is possible. I’ve had my pulleys in my hand many times but never looked close if the ID of each are separate inside?
On second thot that can’t be. Pulleys are just riveted to each other. But try to push it back on and look into the slot and see if you can get an eye on the key. Maybe push a small flathead in and jiggle as you pull outward. Should just be a slip fit.

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