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Enemies of the State
Aug 17, 2008
DFW has a lot of LC activity going on... I thought I would start a thread to capture some of the mania (be sure to capture a jpg so the pic remains after ad is deleted)

Here is one with 3 peddles and auto tranny?

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LOL, "fully restored".
LOL, I would still rock it tho.
Hah, saw that 'pickup' FJ40 a few days ago and thought WTF never heard of a 2F blowing up from oversized tires people have been running since forever... And those wheels.. ugh....those belong on a Chubby Silverado....

It's alright though, things are looking grim for my vehicular maintenance:time available ratio, so I may have my '91 FJ80 up on there too, and I promise there'll be PLENTY to pick apart on my ad. ;)
Holy Crap! The things people do...
I'd like to see the duhl exhaust, and the $4000 OME suspension. He can keep the roof lights. But sure is proud of those wheels.
"The truck has been babied and loved for 20+ years with only Moble 1 synthetic oil used and only Premium gas used in last 20yrs."

"for last 15yrs only Moble 1 sinthetic oil used
Only Premium gas used in last 15yrs"

"Rims ($1,200)" Not a chance for what is pictured

"30yr aniv mext year which adds $5000 at year end
The best off rd truck in world for kings n royality" Guess one of mine will be worth an extra 5k in november (production date), then the following year another 5k on the other one! LOL

"New Power Searing Pump"

Geeze... :bang:

I'm thinking.... scam. As in, send me the money, I will send you the truck. Just so sorry I am never able to get with you to see it, but just send me a deposit... blah blah blah....
Just feels like that from the way it reads. But hey, if waiting until next year means my trucks will be worth an extra 5k, I am waiting.... :)
I was in Chipoltle, reading that jeep ad on my phone, laughing out loud - that was some funny Sheet.

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