Craigslist - PZJ77LX Diesel Cruiser

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I have seen it a few times in passing, sharp looking for sure.

judging from Gold boy's post about RHDs in Quebec though It could be a risky purchase.

There must be a solution to the RHD "Ban" thing; like a modified insurance policy....the blanket ban thing just aint rite.
Sweet rig. :) Don't fret the RHD ban in Quebec. We will blow the ICBC "report" out of the water. It won't end the attacks. Some people just can't take the consumers having any choice or control. It will make them think twice before using the safety angle. Before we suspected that the dealerships and auto makers were behind this. Now with the Canadian Automobile Dealers Assoication (CADA) press release, we now have confirmed it. The fact that some of the CADA members have been actively selling these vehicles - like certain Toyota and Kia dealeships - will put more mud on their faces once we show that the ICBC report is a complet farce.
It sold. I drove it a couple months back, very nice but slower than hell, have a feeling the aftermarket turbo was pooched...or at least it felt slow compared with my HJ61.

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