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Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
Why? (I'm no expert on mini trucks)
I believe he's just making fun of the cage thing that guy built in the bed with connectors from the plumbing aisle
It is only a few miles from me!!! What a masterpiece! The dude in the pic looks like a factory master tech! something. bet he offers you a Bud or shot of Jack to go with it!
Lot going on, but the center load CB antenna mounted on the wooden bed is pretty good. Don't need no ground plane...

No idea what the old mini trucks are worth, but looks to be solid axle and maybe a good trail truck start point?
85s were solid axle. IFS started in 86. Could be a 22r or re. Some 85 had the first 22REs.

Cool, thanks. Always liked these trucks as a kid, but as a salt belt kid they were all rusted through by the time I was driving. Most didn't seem to make it 4 years before the bed sides were showing daylight at the fenders.

If I had to guess, this one's certainly been molested, but probably not neglected if that makes any sense.
Says it's an automatic.... These came with autos back then?
I believe some of them did starting in 85. I think that may have been exclusive to the 22RE though... I'm not sure. Maybe @OTRAMM or @matzell knows the specifics on the auto transmission. The turbo version also came with an auto I think but I'm not 100% sure. They were 85-88.
Autos may have started in 84 with the early 22RE engines not sure, I have seen 84's that were RE. I think the Turbo may have had an upgraded input shaft 23 spline t-case but not sure it it was behind a 5sp (w56?) tranny or not.
Holy plumbing aisle, Batman!!! Someone needs to put down the crackpipe and step away from the truck.
that "safari rack" looks sketchy AF.
I mean…. They are probably gonna take 3K for it…. They aren’t asking a fortune. Probably take less if it sits for a while. Could be converted to something quite useful on a chunk of land. There is a guy in the mini truck forum that built a hell yea custom bed on his mini. It’s as cool as it gets for a shop truck.
Assuming solid axle, good running engine, manual trans (my preference) and generally not a rusted POS... baseline the consumables, ditch the bed and "cage", buy some beadlocks & big tires and a doubler and wheel the heck out of it. You're probably all in for <10k

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