crackheads struck again...

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Mar 26, 2009
so i just found out that my spare 3-b, tranny and split case went the way of the cracker.
the cops almost laugh at how little they can do for you.
what really pisses me off is the fact that we have a legal system that protects the criminal and punishes the victim.

in the old days if a guy stole your horse, he would be shot or hung. now if you are screwed over by a scumbag. even if they addmit guilt, you will be arrested if you break there knee caps...
no wonder i drink. if anyone hears of a deal on a 3-b block, tranny/t-case from a 60 (oh yeah) or a 8274 in pieces let me know thanks,
Fawk, sorry to here. Where was is stored? Got any serial numbers by chance?
I'll keep my ears open.
Tell Dan as well, he gets plenty of calls about cruisers and parts being sold.
add a pretty hurting hard top and ambulance doors to the list as well, beige.

the engine had the head off, crank was still in it. the pistons and rods were removed and in boxes.
glad i brought the head to work.

i had two pottery wheels, a kiln, roll cage, drill press...
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Damn, that's just about the s***tiest B-day present you could get.

Does it seem like it was stolen for scrap? Of was cruiser specific stuff taken?
For the record, it wasn't me! :)

Sorry this happened to you.
That sucks.. Did they clean out your garage or something? Those seem like odd parts to be steeling, most people wouldn't know what they were for.....
i was storing the stuff in a garage, owned by a friend who rents this property. it was the tenants the messed with my s***. and my friend is in europe for a couple of weeks.
may allah rain fire down on there souls for eternity...
sorry, had to lighten the mood a little.

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