cracked oil pan, looking for replacement recommendations

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
Somehow (and I'm suspecting while out of the rig and sitting in storage for a long, long time) the front of the oil pan got damage.


I'm going to replace, but I know there are all kinds of options now and I'm wondering what people suggest.
Sorry, forgot to say this was a V8.
Buy a new one. Dorman makes replacements. Or have a professional weld it. Or go pull one from a salvage yard. Most trucks and Suvs all have the same oil pan. 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 etc
I didn’t think about welding it. That’s a good suggestion. Can I weld it in place? Is the pan Stella or aluminum?
If its an LS its aluminium. Can't really weld it up due to all the oil. It just would not be an effective weld. If you pull the pan and clean it like crazy than maybe, but at that point it would just be easier to replace.
$160ish for a new one

Thanks Dynosaor - that'st the reality I needed. Damn thing is going to be a pain to get out, the exhaust runs along the underside. Any trick to taking it out and putting it back in? I've never replaced an oil pan before.

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