Cowl Vents, LX vs LC?

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Jan 12, 2006
San Diego
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Per and, yes they are the same part numbers for both LC and LX for all years, 98-07.
Interestingly, <55781-60110> was the original part number (RH side) and <55781-60130> was listed for "Cold Area Spec"

The Cold Area Spec now supersedes the original part number.... so everyone gets Cold Spec. The part that shows up should fit but be slightly different than your original. Post up the differences, if you see any.
I just pulled off my original right side cowl and the part is marked 55781-60130, so it looks like sunny Southern California lexus got the cold area spec from the start. I'm original owner on this 2006 LX, and it came from Japan to the Long Beach port before being sold in San Diego.

I went to several "discount OEM" sources and there seems to be confusion on the part numbers, but had it right. I ended up getting these new on eBay from a Dubia dealership for less than half price.

Does anyone need my old cowls, free to a mudder who can put them to use? They're perfectly functional, but show their age with the gray-black deterioration.


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