Cove ride w/ GA Cruisers

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Feb 25, 2008
jasper tn
The Georgia Cruisers are comeing up May 22nd and 23rd (sat and sun) for an overnight trip into coppenger's cove (tracy city) anyone want to go?
Will this be the test run for Roger and Todd's trucks for Alaska? There should not be soccer games that weekend so I will be check to see what I can do. Thanks for setting this up.
Yes I hope to be doing a test ride by then, but was planning on riding the Cove on the following weekend, and supporting the Damn Locals Memorial Day Bash. See that thread for more info.
Yep, we're coming up and would love to see you guys on the trails. We had such a good time with a flopped truck, lost riders and broken axles we're gonna try it again.
Hey all, I might want to tag along, don't know most of you, but I have been wanting to try out some different trails around here...


I'd like to, but since we're going to be up there the following weekend for the Memorial Day event we'll probably not be able to swing it :frown:......

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