Cove Clean up

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Sep 21, 2005
A cove clean up is being planned for March 7-8.
More details to follow.
The cove is an area that runs from Sequachie to Coalmont, we usually enter from the Sequachie end and stage at Andys shop in Jasper.
AOP is Adventure Offroad Park and Nature Center, a private park in South Pittsburg.
I'm out, have a large event on that Saturday the 8th... wish I could help, that main camping spot from the New Year's ride was a mine field of beer bottles...
Joel the clean up is Saturday March 7, are you looking at the right month?
That's my anniversary weekend . Now I have a decision to make .... now I know we have already celebrated 31 years together . So do I stay and celebrate # 32 with her or do I go to the Cove clean up and take a chance there will be a 33rd . Now keep in mind ol Rock's life is pretty darn good right now . what to do , what to do ?
Yeah, roger, I messed up on the dates, march 7 I have a large dinner for about 250... Can't do that day, darnit!
hmmm..... I may finally have my truck ready for that trip.
Hopefully I will have one. The ongoing saga of 4l80 swap, Trans is installed, TCI EZ Tcu wired up, no power light on TCU but have 5 V out to TPS. 30 minutes on phone with Tech verifying correct power in, conclusion new TCU is bad. Sending it to MS today, hopefully it will be back early next week, saying hopefully as the wiring harness came with wrong TPS plug and it took over a week to get correct one.
Right now they are calling for sunny both Sat. And Sunday. It appears the jeep people are basing out of the trial training center and are meeting there at 9 AM Saturday morning the back there Saturday night for cookout. We could do that or camp in cove Saturday night. Who's goin and do you want to camp?
Well I guess this is not going to happen. See you all at Marti Krawl.
Did they cancel because of water levels?
They are still debating. I called it for us as it is going to be a muddy mess and no one seem intrested.
Plus I have just got my truck back done but have not want to test it with an unknown group.

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