Couple questions about brand new fj62!

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Dec 10, 2014
Hey guys i have recently acquired a '89 fj62 and i'm interested in upgrading the rear drum brakes to disk brakes. Does anyone have any wisdom on this mod? I searched for a thread with no luck. Also one quick question about the rear wiper. Does anyone else have a problem with the rear wiper not completing the arc at the top of the window? I will try to post in the registry thread as soon as i get some good pics! Thanx y'all
without swapping to a rear fj80 disk brake axle, you'll lose the ebrake by doing the conventional disk brake fj62 stops just fine with stock brake set-up.
I just replaced the shoes in my FJ62 rear drums and while not quite up to four-wheel disk standards, it stops well and straight and the parking brake has a vise grip. I would put 'upgrading to rear disks' very low on the list. I'd hate to lose a good parking brake over a brake upgrade.
Ok great thanx guys! I will say driving in traffic has been quite an adjustment. I guess i'll just have to leave a little more room. Sounds like there isn't an easy way to go. Maybe i should stop comparing it to my wife's 2015 4Runner... Which has great brakes btw. Thanx again Y'all i'm looking forward to tackling the power locks and windows mod. I have a little more of an electrical background anyway.

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