Couple of "where can I get...." questions

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Jul 13, 2015
Samish Island, WA
Any suggestions where I can get a 30A circuit breaker for my 88 FJ62? (aside question..what exactly is it supposed to power? Its the one that is listed as "Power" on the fuse panel chart. ) I see Partsouq has them, but are they readily available?
Also, where can I get the chrome window felt pieces for the driver side and passenger side front windows?
I believe it is for power windows.

I don't know where you can get one but you could replace it with a 30a inline fuse like I did with my heater C/B. FWIW my heater CB was in no way even close to holding 30 amps. It would trip at about 1/2 that amps. Page 4, Post #69 in this thread shows an inline fuse in place of the heater CB. A/C blower motor wiring by-pass.

The Chrome on the window is NLA. (no longer avail) But the rubber weatherstrip under it is available. You can pull the chrome off, replace the underlying weatherstrip and re-install. I have seen people just put the black weatherstrip on w/out the chrome too. This is for the chrome at the base of the window and top of the door. Check out this thread for more info:
Thanks g-man. My CB was definitely compromised and the power windows and locks were not working properly, but they were getting power. So, i have to assume its been bypassed already. I am pulling out the dash and going to clean up the wiring- as well as install a new dash pad with my interior refresh. Time to dig in.
As for the belt moulding chrome strip, mine is gone already as part of a de-chrome that the PO did. Just trying to bring back some of the bling! Anyone have a set, please PM me.
pm me, I have a spare CB sitting in my garage.

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