Couple of questions

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Jan 19, 2007
Knoxville, TN
So I am doing a simple tune-up and found a couple of areas where the previous owner or whomever he took it to did some sloppy work.

There is a box on the firewall attached with 2 10mm bolts near the cowl. The box has two ~3/4" hoses coming into each side of it. Each side has a small plastic tube going into the hoses. One side of the box the tube has cracked, does anyone know what the name of this box is and is this something I could find locally or will I need to consult with the parts Shaman?

Second is the hose to what looks like the pcv valve, is it supposed to be unbendable and brittle? or is that a sign that it needs replacement?

I have looked through the repair manual (e-copy) and am not seeing any diagrams with the name of that box btw, nor can I search for "box on firewall" I doubted that would net any usuable results.


Found it!

Hah its the water valve! ... gonna call a local stealership to see if its in stock.

the pcv hose will get hard and can then use replacement. I imagine it's also then likely that your pcv grommet will be brittle as well and can disintegrate when you try to take the pcv out. You can then get pieces to fall under the cover. Read about procedures to avoid this.

without going out to look at it, the box you are describing, is that the heater valve?

added: posted at the same time
Some resolution

Could not find a heater valve from any yota dealers nearby, nor lexus. Best bet was to wait till Friday, yikes.

Instead I took a gamble and hit up O'Reilly, they had one and 1/2 the price. So its mine and it looks almost the same ... should do for now until I can get a replacement.

Thanks for the help e9999, much appreciated.


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