cost of rebuild (a440) vs H55 conversion

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Jun 10, 2011
apologies in advance as i am sure its buried in other threads, but i just cant quite get a clear sense.

how much $$$ to put in H55 as opposed to complete rebuild of A440 in Fj62? I know its more, but how much more? No, i wouldnt do it myself. I have somebody giving me a quote hopefully shortly so i get data from at least one local place.

thx in advance
An A440F can be rebuilt for around 3 to 4 thousand, installed.

A full H55 conversion can run up to $7500 and that includes the modifications and tranny.

I am using numbers from "loose" quotes I have received.
I purchased a rebuilt a440f from wholesale automatics for ~$4k in 2007, I assume prices have increased a bit. Below is a breakdown of the charges at the time I made the purchase:
Fully Reconditioned Standard Toyota Land Cruiser 1989 Automatic Transmission with Reconditioned Standard Torque Convertor $2270 Aus = Approx $1838 U.S.

1/ Heavy Duty "Extreme" Recalibrated Valve Body with Lock-Up in both 3rd and 4th gears $795 Aus = Approx $643 U.S.

2/ Heavy Duty "Billet" High Output & High Efficiency Torque Convertor $1100 Aus = Approx $891 U.S.

3/ Complete Temp Gauge Kit $245 Aus = Approx $198 U.S.

4/ Extra Large External Oil Cooler $190 Aus = Approx $153 U.S.

Freight would be $850 Aus = Approx $688 U.S. to Dallas, Texas

I have experienced zero issues with the rebuilt trans and it has been installed since Oct 2007.
Hey BG_TX...yeah, I think prices have increased a bit as per West Coast Cruiser's prices (they are the distributor for Rodney's stuff)

Billet TC is $1480
Temp gauge kit is $271
Valve body is $1272
You can do an H55 for about $3,000 if you provide the labor.

My H55 conversion was about $3500.00 when all was said and done (completed in April). That was doing it all myself expect for grinding the flywheel.

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