corse spline outer parts...

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Mar 14, 2003
United States
i just pulled apart a complete corse front axle and have the following parts up for grabs:

pair of birfs $15
pair of older style warn hubs $15
pair of knuckles $10
pair of steering arms $10
pair of spindles $10
backing plates, drums, .......

plus i'm parting out a complete pair of 66 FJ40 axles as we speak...

make me offers on anything and everything. you'll have to pay for the shipping from ca 95207. usps has flat rate boxes for $8.60 with delivery confirmation and most of this stuff should fit in them. all parts located in stockton CA.
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make me an offer, i won't be insulted. just trying to find happy homes for this stuff.:cool:
lavarunner said:
I need R side wheel cyl to rebuild.. (need to get 5 mo till I go disc...)

got a pic of the one you need? i have a few.
lavarunner said:
I need the top and bottom wheel cyl for a 69... not sure on the applicable years..
do you mean front and rear wheel cylinders? if so, then for a front or rear axle? i have a few but you'll have to rebuild them.
whopps.. wasnt thinking.. yeah no wories on the rebuild.. Front right side.. long story but I hate PO and STANDARD TAPS... PO treahded in ONE standard bleeder valve.. didnt notice till I had striped both holes for the bleeders in the houseing..
wesintl said:
georg.. do you have an coarse drive plates....?

i don't think so but i'll take a look. i know i have 2 sets and that one is fine spline, not sure about the other. i'll get back to you.
anything left?
whatcha need? i'm parting out another complete pair of axles out of a 70 FJ40 as well.
plus a set of stock rear springs $20 and there's no way i'm gonna ship those!
money order, check, paypal, whatever......

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