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Hey Roastchestnuts can you please post a couple photos of where you found a date? Thanks John
Hey John, think it was a date from a scrap yard or a used land cruiser parts yard or somthing though certainly not factory I would say. It looks to be sharpie. I assume they wrote it for correct year. Ill post it though. I think at some point the hood flew up and broke some stuff on the top. The rain gutter was broken on both sides and riveted back together. this was done in the thin area that overhangs the windshield. I think maybe the top could have been replaced when this happened.

Crossing my fingers I will be reinstalling the top after work today though! I just did the seam sealer for the gutter and rivets yesterday. Not a fun job as my back is sore from hunching over.

Reviving this old thread @red66toy Did you ever install this top? I have been redoing mine over the last couple of weeks. new gaskets and such. I am hoping to put a new headliner in soon too. I think the fiber glass part on mine was replaced with one from 1971. (I think this because it has a date written on the under side)
No I never did. Finding the fiberglass top was going to be too hard so I sold the hardtop parts off. I am going to press forward with a soft top as much as I love the factory corrugated tops.
@pardion this is what was written under mine.

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