correct location for 3B fuel fliter bleeder needed

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May 3, 2003
S. Lake Tahoe, CA
I'm replacing my fuel filter for the first time as part of trip preparation. I always carry a spare, but have not needed to replace it. And the bleeder valve looks like someone prior has put it in the wrong spot. It is on the inlet side of the filter, so the only air that would get bled off would be between the injector pump and the filter inlet. It seems to me that the bleeder valve should be on the outlet side of the filter (the left side) so you could bleed the filter.

I'm thinking someone mixed up the bolts that connect the banjo fittings to the filter housing. One is just a bolt, and the other is a bolt/bleeder valve and they probably would fit into either side.

But it would be nice to confirm this before I mess things up by reversing them. Yep, I've messed things up before!
Thanks for any input!
left side or closeset to the rad in the stock setup for the bleeder plug
good luck dont forget to bleed the air from the lines after the filter change
fill the new filter with fuel before installing less bleeding needed if at all...I dont bleed never found it neccesary if I top up the filter
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Yup, it's backwards. Theory is it might have been a Friday afternoon assembly or something to that effect as this has come up before.
Thanks guys. I'll reverse the fittings and top off the new filter prior to installation.
Hmm...interesting. IIRC, I think on my 12H-T it was also on the inlet hose. Sheldon noticed this and we moved it to the other one. Don't know if anyone has ever fiddled with it before me or not. Just did a filter change not too long ago, and it seems to have worked fine. As a bonus, my much maligned Roodogs aftermarket primer pump (which I bought a while ago before reading any of the threads) worked well and didn't even leak! :D We'll see if it does after the second filter change, lol.
The conclusions in previous threads was that it was a Toyota assembly error (in the factory).

AKAIK it should always be on the outlet.

The conclusions in previous threads was that it was a Toyota assembly error (in the factory).

AKAIK it should always be on the outlet.


Another potential Toyota recall?!? No!!!! Just kidding...:D
Mine are both on the inlet side which seems bass ackwards to me as well but if you warm up the engine prior to spinning on a new filled filter you should have no issues.
I will check my BJ42 since it is unmolested since I bought it in 1984 , IIR all the JDMs I have brought in have it on the inlet the problem with some of the JDMs is they dont have the bleed nipple

Yep looked at my 42 and the bleeder is on the inlet side coming from the primer pump.
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